The Story Behind Khali

Owner of 24K Skin.
Serving All Natural and Homemade Glow products.

Khali Henderson, the creator of 24K Skin Cosmetics, born in Queens NY – didn’t always have a dream of being an entrepreneur. Khali grew up watching her amazing mother make everything by hand; From medicine, to hair care & skin care.

In 2011, Khali had a vision of creating a vibrant brand, full of love that caters to all skin tones. In addition to creating a bomb ass product, Khali’s secondary focus is customer service. She provides a shopping experience that is inviting, consistent and unforgettable. 

“Don’t ever be afraid to be a boss!”

Today she serving all things beauty with the help of her husband Michael, by creating products that remind you of how sexy you are in your own skin. Her license in esthetics equipped her with the knowledge to keep your skin Gleauxing. Using acquired skills she continues to make products packed with ingredients that have amazing benefits for your skin.

Khali’s goal with 24K Skin is to not only spread love, but to keep it real, keep it natural, and to keep it FUN!

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